Axe Knight
Number 118
Cost 590
Data Crystals Required 2
Tribe Knight Borg
Type Short range type
Rarity B
Has Alternate? Yes (picture)
Level 1 HP/Level 10 HP 250/295
Defense 3
Shot 4
Attack 6
Speed 4
Jump Type Air jump level 3
Level-up Schedule Normal


The Axe Knight belongs to the Knight Borg corps. He wields a huge axe and can also attack enemies from a distance with the AXE BOOMERANG. Wipe out swarming enemies with the ROLLING AXE!


Type Name Solidity Penetration Explodes? Refill Type Level 1 Ammo/Level 10 Ammo
B Attack Great Axe Nonsolid Total No N/A N/A
B Charge Axe Boomerang Solid None No N/A N/A
X Rolling Axe Solid None No


Using this BorgEdit

Axe Knight is one of the most versatile knight borgs if used correctly. His heavy attacks cover a wide area, deal heavy damage, and leave few openings. Rolling Axe can throw advancing enemies, close space between you and an opponent, and deal substantial damage. It will, however, leave Axe Knight vulnerable for a brief moment after the attack, which can be dangerous if the attack has missed. Axe Boomerang is a powerful, largely unyielding long-range attack that can strike enemies multiple times while traveling as well as hit multiple enemies. The only downfall of the Axe Boomerang, aside from its necessity to be charged up before each use, is its inability to travel through solid objects.

Fighting this BorgEdit

Long range is the best method of attacking the Axe Knight. His powerful attacks are brutally effective in close quarters, but slow at long range. Subsequently, distance is key in avoiding damage. His dodging capabilities are limited and slow unless he is in the air, so shots usually land. High defense compensates for this, however, so the more quick and powerful the shot, the better.

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