Dark Knight
Number 183
Cost 610
Data Crystals Required 4
Tribe Knight Borg
Type Almighty type
Rarity A
Has Alternate? Yes (picture)
Level 1 HP/Level 10 HP 300/345
Defense 7
Shot 5
Attack 5
Speed 5
Jump Type Air Jump Level 3
Level-up Schedule Normal


In his search for true power, this Knight Borg turned to evil. Wrapped in armor as dark as the night, he attacks with twin swords Sol and Star.

How to ObtainEdit

To get this Gotcha Borg, you must collect the Data Crystals N183A, N183B, N183C, and N183D. For his alternate color, collect the Data Crystals A183A, A183B, A183C, and A183D.


  • Dark Knight was Orochi's first partner before Death Wing.
  • He appeared in the game's opening animation, as part of a flashback sequence depicting Mega Borg's fall where he fights G Red.
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