Death Borg Gamma
Number 81
Cost 90
Data Crystals Required 1
Tribe Death Borg
Type Short range type
Rarity C
Has Alternate? Yes (picture)
Level 1 HP/Level 10 HP 80/98
Defense 2
Shot 0
Attack 2
Speed 4
Jump Type Air jump level 3
Level-up Schedule Fast

Description Edit

A knight-type Death Borg, created by the evil Galactic Emperor. He uses Darkside sword techniques and wields a powerful SWORD.

(Lol, wow so much hype for his only move, "Sword")

Moves Edit

Type Name Solidity Penetration Explodes? Refill Type Level 1 Ammo/Level 10 Ammo
B Attack Sword Solid Total No N/A N/A

Special Abilities Edit


Strategy Edit

Basically all Death Borg Gamma can hope to do is Slash and hope his shield blocks incoming attacks.

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