Death Borg Iota
Number 91
Cost 190
Data Crystals Required 1
Tribe Death Borg
Type Short range type
Rarity C
Has Alternate? No
Level 1 HP/Level 10 HP 70/88
Defense 1
Shot 1
Attack 0
Speed 2
Jump Type Air jump level 3
Level-up Schedule Fast


This Death Borg belongs to the Emperor's special attack unit. She can incinerate whole cities with her flame thrower!


Using this BorgEdit

This borg is very limited. The fact that it is made of glass doesn't help it out much either. However, if this borg can get the opponent in their fire... they're toast.

When using your flamethrower in a can, it is not a very good idea to run towards them while holding down the B button. That's a great way to waste all of your ammo. Instead, play as slippery as possible while trying to close, using an ally as a distraction or approaching in their shadow if possible. Once the enemy is close enough that the Flame Thrower can hit them, attack. BUT, it still isn't a good idea to hold down the B button though. If you pour it on that hard the enemy will fall over, get frames of invincibility, and an opportunity to punch this borg's brittle butt out. Instead, tap it to shoot out little jets of fire, hop to the side to circle around them a little bit, and rinse and repeat. This is good when fighting a knight too. When their shield is hit they can't move. Meanwhile, this borg will circle around until they're able to attack their sides or back for damage. This hopping technique will also allow you, the player, to see your enemy better. Otherwise, the flames will get in the way and you won't be able to see when the enemy falls down.

Don't place this borg in the #1 spot on a team. Let it spawn in the middle of the melee, not on the other side of the field from it's opponent. Additionally, placing it later on in the team will allow it to have the option of entering burst mode. This borg is able to tear even the Dark Knight apart when it enters burst mode.

Fighting this BorgEdit

Despite how effective this borg can be, because it is so brittle anything with an advantage over it can ruin its day. Because this borg is somewhat slow and poor in the air, air dash heavy melee borgs with great anti ground attacks aerial attacks(Kung-Fu Master, Star/Planet Hero, etc) will be able to quickly close in and sucker punch this borg out. Borgs with nice ranged attacks will be able to defeat this borg before it can get close. Flying borgs can shut this one down very safely. Also, nonflinching borgs (especially Tanks) are a huge nightmare for this borg. 


Type Name Solidity Penetration Explodes? Refill Type Level 1 Ammo/Level 10 Ammo
B Shot Flame Thrower Nonsolid Borgs No All at once 100/100

How to Get this BorgEdit

You can get this borg in "The Hot Battle!" in Mana's home.

Also like with most Death Borgs, it is present in the "Defeat the Death Borg Unit!" in Mana's Home.

The force sequence for Death Borg Iota is: 

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