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Get Into a Gotcha Battle! Edit

As the peacekeeping GOTCHA FORCE, its up to you to destroy the evil DEATH FORCE!


This energetic school kid is on a field trip when he meets G Red. They team up and form Gotcha Force!

G Red

G RED is a tough but good-hearted Gotcha Borg who tracked the Death Force to the planet Earth. Now he's ready to join you and fight!

Gotcha Borgs

Gotcha Borgs are life forms from the planet Mega Borg. They are palm-sized, toy-like machines with tremendous power.

Gotcha Borgs need two things to fight - GF Energy, and your courage!

Death Force

This Gotcha Borg army destroyed the planet Mega Borg! It uses evil methods to create GF Energy.

Its grand master is the war-loving mastermind GALACTIC EMPEROR. Galactic Emperor used the Death Force to create a secret base in Safari Town to launch the assault mission to conquer Earth!

Controls Edit

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Game Screen and Rules Edit

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What is Force? Edit

The Gotcha Borg on the left attacks first.

If it is destroyed, then the next Gotcha Borg takes action.

Gotcha Borgs keep attacking until the whole force is destroyed!

Costs and GF Energy

COST is the amount of GF Energy a Gotcha Borg needs to attack. The stronger the Gotcha Borg, the higher its cost.

You cannot select borgs that exceed your current GF Energy. Those borgs will appear in shadowy form.

Setting Up Edit

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Main Menu Edit

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Story Mode Edit

1 Player

Use Safari Town as your stage to fight the Death Force. Collect Gotcha Borgs!

Map Screen

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Get More Gotcha Borgs

If you win, you can aquire new Gotcha Borgs.

"It has something to do with the Gotcha Borgs you blew away..."


Increase Your GF Energy!

As the story progresses, your GF Energy increases. You will be able to include stronger Gotcha Borgs in your Gotcha Force.

How to Quit the Game

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Versus Mode Edit

1 to 4 Players

Battle 2-on-2 with 4 friends

1.) Gotcha Box Load

Bring your Memory Card and load each Gotcha Box! Follow the instructions on screen: insert the Memeroy Card into Memory Card Slot A, then press the A Button.

Use the Force Edit to create your Gotcha Force beforehand (Go to page 16.)

2.) Join in the Game

Press the A Button to join in the game. Proceed by pressing START/PAUSE.

3.) Choose Your Teams!

The battle is between the Green Team and the Read Team.

  • Use the Control Stick to choose your favorite location.
  • Press the A Button to change the location
  • Press the X Button to turn computer attacks on and off.

4.) Set up Rules

You can change your GF Energy limit. (Go to page 16.)

5.) Enter Your Name

6.) Choose Your Gotcha Box!

You can also borrow a friend's Gotcha Box, so you don't have to have a Memory Card.

7.) Choose Your Force!

Choose the force you want to use.

Gotcha Borgs that cannot go into battle due to lack of GF Energy will appear in shadowy form.

  • Press the Y Button to increase GF Energy at Rule Setup.
  • Press the X Button to change the computer force.

8.) Choose the Stage!

Once you choose the stage, the battle begins!

Challenge Mode Edit

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Force Edit Edit

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Trade Edit

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Collection Edit

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Option Edit

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Gotcha Borgs Edit

CHAINSAW KNIGHT doesn't waste any time turning enemies into sawdust!

Proud of his strength, the huge FIRE DRAGON is the ruler of the flame!

Use DRILL ROBOT and his 7 drills for air attacks.

BLUE STRIKER is a high performance air combat fighter!

Fight the CUTTER NINJA and sharpen your combat skills!

GATTLING GUNNER shoots 100 continuously firing guns. He's a one-borg army!

There's a whole galaxy of borgs out there. Can you collect them all?

Gotcha Force Friends Edit

There are kids in Safari Town who stumble across Gotcha Borgs.








Credits and Adds Edit

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