Machine Red
Number 164
Cost 900
Data Crystals Required 3
Tribe Machine Borg
Type Almighty type
Rarity A
Has Alternate? No
Level 1 HP/Level 10 HP 500/590
Defense 5
Shot 5
Attack 5
Speed 5
Jump Type Boost jump
Level-up Schedule Normal

Description Edit

A Gotcha Borg of justice who protects the peace of the universe! He destroys enemies with lightning speed but his true power is only realized when he teams up with Machine Blue...

Moves Edit

Type Name Solidity Penetration Explodes? Refill Type Level 1 Ammo/Level 10 Ammo
B Shot Beam Rifle Non Solid Borg No All at once 5/??
B Attack Beam Blade Non Solid Total No N/A N/A
X Buster Laser Non Solid Objects Yes Gradual 2/??

Hyper Mode Combining Edit

When playing as Machine Red and having either Machine Blue or Cyber Atlas as your current ally borg, you will combine with your ally to form Cyber Machine Seiryu or Cyber Machine Byakko respectively and will control the movement and main weapons.

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