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According to the enclosed instruction booklet, "He's young and scrappy! Nekobe and his knight borg Vlad have a special ability to wear their enemies down!" Katsumi Nekobe attends Junior High and while he may be scrappy, he is also a coward, which he tries to hide by bullying others. When Nekobe is first introduced he is an antagonistic figure and is essentialy the mini boss fight of chapter 1 (with the match against the Flame Dragon being the boss fight). He is a bully that tries to push people around with his Gotcha Borg. Nekobe is very arrogant and taunts his enemies by saying things like "You're no match for me." and "You want pain, don'tcha?" However, Nekobe is all talk. He often makes excuses when his borgs are defeated in battle, such as: "Uh... that was a fluke." Even after he joins the player's side, he continues to harass other characters, notable when he attempts to steal Kotaro's signature borg, and when he forces Mana to be on a team with him for some training despite her protesting to the contrary. Although he's not very well liked by many of the characters in the game, he has a very close friendship with Kitsune, althought their relationship might be more accurately described as boss and henchman. Despite being a coward and a jerk, he sticks by his friends. When push comes to shove he will protect his allies or die trying.

Face nekobe

Nekobe's combat sprites.


Play StyleEdit

Special nekobe

Nekobe's victory sprite.

Nekobe specalizes in Knight Borgs and his signature borg is Vlad, an upgraded version of Vampire Knight, and unlike many other commanders he does not deviate from the tribe he specalizes in (even in Special mode). Unfortunately, due to the game's programming, Nekobe can be a relatively weak ally on the battle field. Vlad has weaker defenses, which is balanced out by the fact that his attacks drain HP. However, since allies are programmed to deal reduced damage, Nekobe has a hard time keeping his signature borg alive. It is not uncommon for Nekobe's force to be completely destroyed by the end of longer or more grueling matches.


Nekobe will join you in the battle against the Galactic Emperor and can be chosen as an ally to aid you in battle after clearing the mission "Protect the park at any cost!!" which is found in Sunnyside Park.

Sample nekobe

Nekobe's concept art.

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