Proto Eagle
Number 140
Cost 850
Data Crystals Required 2
Tribe Machine Borg
Type Almighty Type
Rarity B
Has Alternate? No
Level 1 HP/Level 10 HP 380/470
Defense 5
Shot 5
Attack 5
Speed 6
Jump Type Boost jump
Level-up Schedule Slow


A Gotcha Borg from the Machine Borg corps. Proto Eagle shares much of his DNA with Eagle Robot, and it is thought that they share a common ancestor.


Type Name Solidity Penetration Explodes? Refill Type Level 1 Ammo/Level 10 Ammo
B Shot Eagle Vulcan Nonsolid None No All at once 10
B Attack Beam Tonfa Nonsolid Total No N/A N/A
X Eagle Buster Nonsolid Total No All at once 1

How to ObtainEdit

The Data Crystals N140A and N140B are required to obtain Proto Eagle. To acquire any of the two needed Data Crystals, you must defeat Proto Eagle borgs in battle.

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