Introductions Edit

Sup, I'm Skybot. I bought this game and a backup copy when it was still $13.00 and Gamestop was still selling it. Ancient times, right? Big fan of the Gotch, though I cannot claim to know every bit of material in or outside the game.

The Great Tragedy Edit

The GC memory card with my save file on it was suddenly corrupted one day. Then, in my progress to re-collect all my borgs, both my copies of Gotcha Force reached their point of scratched up failure, at around the same time as each-other too unfortunately enough. Trying again, I started emulating it, however now my computer can barely run Excel or VLC, so that option's basically out the window until I get a new machine.

So here I sit in borg-less limbo, awaiting the day I can afford a new gaming PC to play Gotcha Force in 4K or something. G-Emperor has won for now.

But life continues, as does me lacking time for much fun these days, so unfortunately curing my no-borg-itus cannot be at the top of my ta-do list for a while. Because of this, I don't really have reference material to edit the wiki, even if I had the time.

Model Ripping Edit

If any of you game-rippers in the community get your eye caught on this, I could really use some help getting started on ripping the models from the game. I'm on the VG Resource under the same name if your game.

For those who want to know what help I need, I'm at the bit where I have the .arc and .arz files, but don't know the hows and whys and whats to do with them. If its easy and you know what I'm talking about, please contact me through said source or on my talk page, and we can get things sorted right quick.

I am a bit crunched for time these days, but I do occasionally check in. Thursdays and Fridays are the days on which I have some free time, and thus the days on which I am most likely to check in, but I can make no guarantees to do so unfortunately.

Pro tips for editing Edit

I have found that templates that say to leave a space blank for it not to show actually mean that you have to put a space.

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